11 Amazing Benefits Of Ametrine Stone: How To Clean? Where To Find?


Ametrine stone in nature usually has a color from purple and purple to pink. The ametrine stone is a stone with a light pink and purple blend color similar to the pink quartz of amethyst stone.

This stone has structure of amethyst stone and is removed from same place. The effects on man are same as on amethyst stone.

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Where to Find Ametrine Stone?

It is extracted from countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, India, Canada, South Africa, the United States and Mozambique. The hardness grade of this stone varies from 6,5 to 7.


What Are The Benefits of Ametrine Stone?

Ametrine stone is known as love and love stone. Since collects and carries negative electrical charge, collects excess electrical charge in the body and effects on boosting brain power have been identified.

It converts negative electric charge collects into positive electric charge. It’s good for depression. The most powerful stones in terms of healing ametrine stone skin ailments, allergic, migraine, headaches and heart ailments are healing.

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It is useful for insomnia sufferers. The ametrie stone is an energy-filled stone. With this energy, it has an invigorating effect on person carrying stone.

It is a stone that you can carry with you all the time. The energy emitted by ametrine stone into environment is beneficial and saves person from negativity.

It is useful to have ametrine stone on you, especially when you are near people you see as enemies. Because ametrine stone will turn negative energies into positive energy, it makes positive thoughts in people with bad intentions in the environment.

Its energy is peaceful and good for nervous system. It gives person inner peace. It frees us from indecision and makes our decisions clear.

People who suffer from insomnia hold stone of ametrine in your hand for a while before sleep and place under pillow where you lie and lie down.

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Ametrine stone is useful for joint pain, blood circulation. It purifies the body from harmful toxins and directs person to life more healthily.

It is known to strengthen the mind and be good for the heart when used with pink quartz. It provides regeneration of cells in the skin and has been identified by studies where beautifies skin.

Saves person from perverted thoughts. Is known to inhibit formation of cancer. It helps person concentrate on what they are going to do. It strengthens immune system, clears blood.


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How to Understand Ametrine Stone?

The forgery of ametrine stone is usually understood from appearance when product is taken into possession. If not understood in this way, it can be understood in a few simple ways.

As with ametrine stone and many stones, imitation products are available in large numbers on the market.

These imitation products are usually made by painting pavement stones , so to speak, into colours of likened gemstones. These products are usually in the color of precious stone, which is likened to the exterior paints and interior is to reflect own color.

If we can’t see this by looking at the product from outside, we can understand the harmony between inside and outside by breaking a small part of stone or by breaking one of wristband or rosary.

However, before this crushing process, heat the stone with a lighter, some imitation products are getting poorer quality and cheap stones are painted powder and not only painted outside.

When you heat this type of product with a lighter, you will see that its paint burns and cheap stone remains own color. But do not overdo heating process with high temperatures because some stones, such as ametrine stone, change colors when exposed to high temperatures.

If you try all of these processes and see that color of inside and outside of product is the same, this product is probably original.

However, cheap stone dusted after color of outside of inside is the same or heat dye may not flow such products are quality imitation products that were painted with dusted.

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If you do not understand these trials as the most guaranteed bioenergy departments or archaeology departments in universities by taking tests can understand.

Usually authenticity of stone is understood through these simple methods. When you buy products, get them from trusted sites and companies that offer authenticity and return guarantees.

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How to Clean Ametrine Stone?

In order to increase effect of ametrine stone, it should be used by cleaning and purification. Cleaning of ametrine stone is done by washing for 5 minutes under running water or by keeping in vinegar water or salt water for 10 minutes.

It can also be purified in the sun for 1 day. Jewelry made of ametrine stone can be cleaned with a cloth soaked with vinegar water for 5 minutes by wiping and drying immediately.

Natural stones have benefits. The human son has used the effects of these natural stones since they existed on earth.

First of all, I must state that faith comes at beginning of everything. If you want to benefit from anything, you have to have faith in that business.

If you have negative thoughts about effects of natural stones, if you think that a piece of stone will be good for me, you will not see the benefit of what you underestimate.

When you start using these stones, I hope you will use this stone for my illness, not only as a stone, you will use all kinds of healing sources with the same thought, and I hope you will find the benefit.

However, these natural stones are not a magic wand, you should not expect that disease will surely pass. Because solution of any disease is not certain there is a possibility that is not always.

To give an example, everyone undergoing cancer treatment enters chemotherapy. The treatment of cancer patients is done with chemotherapy and various drugs, but everyone does not get rid of this treatment for some people will be positive and get rid of the disease will heal, some will find healing.

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