11 Best Health Benefits Of Garden Cress – What is Garden Cress Seeds?

garden cress

Garden cress is a medicinal herb that can be eaten as a salad and accelerates fat burning in body. It is a plant from family of radish, cress must be eaten raw.

Garden cress seeds are protective against cancer because they contain antioxidants that prevent body from damaging free radicals.

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Cress containing plenty of E and C vitamins have cholesterol-lowering effect and delay aging. It is very beneficial for respiratory tract, intestine and stomach health to consume cress grass also strengthens immune system.

Garden cress, which is good for chronic weakness, helps to weaken by accelerating metabolism. Garden cress seeds are a good regulator; also increases amount of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

What is Garden Cress?

Garden cress seeds (Lepidium sativum) belong to family of radish / cabbage. Its homeland is Asia and North Africa.

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The cuttlefish made in spring is an upright, glabrous, annual water-edge plant growing up to a height of 15 to 45 cm.

It is likes hot climates and is ready to beat in a month. watercress herb that grows in almost every region in Turkey, and is known for hurf habburresad names and there are about 90 varieties.

It is usually offered for sale in April and May.

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Foods and Vitamins in Garden Cress Seed

In traditional medicine leaves, cress and seeds of plant are used for asthma, cough, colds, constipation, anemia and removal of unwanted odors in body.

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It eliminates vitamin C deficiency, is rich in vitamin K, strengthens immune system. It regulates menstrual cycle and helps breastfeeding mothers to increase milk production.

Prevents hair loss. It should be consumed raw to benefit more, can be used as spice.

1. Respiratory Treatment

Garden cress seeds should be consumed by mixing with honey taken as an expectorant to treat cold, headache, asthma, sore throat and cough. It has feature of improving lung function.

2. Iron Deficiency Anemia Treatment

The seeds are easily absorbed in intestines through iron contained and increase hemoglobin in blood.

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It is used to treat patients with iron deficiency. Vitamin C, which is taken half an hour after consumption of seeds, increases absorption of iron.

3. Dermatologic Treatment Of Garden Cress

Seeds of garden cress can be used to treat sunburn, irritated skin, dry skin and lips. Mix with water and honey to form a paste that can be applied to skin.

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4. Gastrointestinal Treatment

When seeds are when mixed with honey, it is beneficial for intestinal irritation caused by dysentery and diarrhea. In the treatment of colic in children, seeds can be crushed and mixed with hot water to be brewed and consumed.

The fertiliser contained in seeds is useful for relieving symptoms of constipation and indigestion.


5. Contains Useful Fatty Acids

All essential amino acids, except methionine and cysteine, are found in high amounts in horticultural seeds.

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Total acid content is 47%. Aspartic and glutamic acid are found in a significant amount. On a scale that will benefit body, linoleic (omega 6) and oleic acid (omega 9) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega3) fatty acids.

• Aspartic Acid: It helps to remove harmful ammonia from body. When taken 3 grams a day, it increases testosterone level by 40%. It is used in treatment of chronic fatigue and strengthens immune system.

• Glutamic Acid: Epilepsia, muscle development disorders, hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) coma, diabetes is used in insulin treatment complications. It is important for healthy brain and intestinal functions.

• Linoleic Acid: It is potentially anti-carcinogen. In addition to being effective in slimming, also helps to dissolve and tighten abdominal fat. It contributes to protection of normal blood cholesterol.

• Oleic Acid: Reduces risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol balance provides protection against heart and vascular diseases.

It also reduces insulin requirement of diabetics and has a protective effect against cancer types.

• Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Protects baby’s brain health during pregnancy and early in baby. It has benefits to health of eyes and skin. It provides protection against heart diseases, anxiety and depression.

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6. It is an Important Antioxidant

It is a good source of antioxidants thanks to phenolic compounds. It also contains plenty of vitamin E and helps prevent disease.

It is effective as an aid in prevention of free radicals and prevention of air pollution and cancer caused by chemicals.

It protects cell membrane from damage and thus protects against damage that may cause premature aging.

What Are Side Effects of Garden Cress?

  1. Patients with hyperthyroidism and ulcer should not use cress seeds. If consumed in large quantities, it may cause thyroid gland to grow.
  2. Can make gas when consumed too much.
  3. When permanent use of cress seed can cause permanent damage to stomach. It can irritate intestines.

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