The 7 Best Ways to Garden Spraying – How to Done Garden Spraying?


How to Done Garden Spraying?

How is done garden spraying? All points can be sprayed in insect spraying services and different pesticide techniques can be applied at every point. These places are of course gardens which are very important for pest activities.

Although is one of the most important places such as garden spraying and home spraying, should be treated very carefully because of is one of common living areas of plants and animals.

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The importance of garden spraying has been very well understood recently. Because houses, apartments, workplaces, often enter green areas.

Also, since small children often play around here, spraying procedures should be done for their health. Because of our health has a very negative impact on many insects live here.

Stages of Garden Spraying

The problem will be solved in a short time when steps of garden spraying are fulfilled literally. We can enumerate steps of garden spraying application, which is done to root insects that are progressing from gardens to our apartments and then to our homes:

  • Animals other than insects should never be harmed.
  • Although drugs in form of fog are preferred, drug’s rate should be well adjusted.
  • No damage should be done to planted areas, trees or flowers.
  • Sprayer should be worn mask and no one else should be around.


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Best Time and Conditions for Gardening

Homemade medicines that you can prepare with natural ingredients may not always give expected result.

So, you may need to do agricultural spraying. The best time for this is spring, summer and autumn months. The afternoon is not suitable for spraying. Trying to spray in windy weather means pulling a shovel to ground.

Before and after rain is not right time for spraying, because rain water and drug will be mixed into soil and not insects will poison soil.

What To Pay Attention When Spraying Plants?

Touching and inhaling drugs is harmful to health. Therefore, when spraying, eyes, mouth, nose and hands should be closed. Do not attempt to apply without gloves, goggles, hats, masks or protective clothing. If drug goes into respiratory tract, try to drink salt water and go to hospital with medicine written on package should be avoided.


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Why not Spray in Rainy Weather?

Because rain water and drug will be mixed into soil and will unnecessarily poison our soil. Pesticides contain very heavy chemical poisons.

Therefore, if we are not under very big obligation, we should think twice about spraying.

We should not use these heavy poisons for anything we can solve by organic drugs or by cultural measures. Remember that these poisons remain on plants.

Thanks to food event, we pass on to our own body, we should not forget that we are exposed to many genetic diseases, especially cancer, and also contaminate our world, our air, our water, our land and our everything.

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Materials Used in Garden Spraying

Spraying drug liquid with sprayer of smaller ones of these, that is, atomizers are hand-type spraying materials. Depending on size of garden back or motor types can also be used.

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What to Consider When Spraying Plants at Home and in Garden?

It is not possible to apply partial application in garden spraying; because when only a part of plant is treated, pests immediately switch to another plant or region. When you find out that there are harmful organisms in your garden, you should ask your neighbor to spray garden; because living creatures in nature do not know borders.

If the problem is correctly identified, is necessary to know which pest is infested in your garden. You can add one tablespoon of Arabic soap to one liter of water to spray plants in the house.

You can also add olive oil or sunflower oil to mixture. You can spray mixture on harmful organisms by putting in a spray bottle.

It is especially effective in green lice on rose leaves. The second method for spraying plants at home is to mix a handful of bitter pepper with a litre of water.

You can spray mixture on plants. Another method is to break a few cigarettes into water and get nicotine water. Do not forget to keep cigarettes in water for one night.

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Most Effective Solution: Professional Spraying

It is troublesome and difficult to spray outdoors. It requires expertise and experience to determine type of pests, to apply correct medication in right way, and to perform spraying without endangering your health. Therefore, obtaining support from professional pest spraying companies will be the most rational solution.

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