jasmine tea

14 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea: Recipe, Uses & More

What Are Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea? Jasmine is a flowering plant in tropical regions. Jasmine tea is a fragrant…

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matcha tea

Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha Tea: 9 Reasons to Drink It

Matcha tea is used in Japanese tea ceremony and is obtained from same plant with green tea. But matcha tea…

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kombucha tea

10 Best Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea Will Convince You to Try it Now!

Kombucha tea, known by Chinese as “elixir of immortality” of Far East for over 2000 years, is a beverage with…

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senna tea

7 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Senna Tea & Side Effects, Uses, Warnings

If you are looking for an effective medicine to cleanse your intestines or relieve constipation, thus senna tea will be…

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mountain tea

6 Wonderful Reasons to Drink a Mountain Tea Today (Sideritis Tea)

Mountain tea is made from plant leaves of Sideritis species. Mountain tea, which is a herbal tea, has been used…

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