Wonderful Health Benefits Of Fennel And Fennel Tea


Fennel Tea is made by crushing the seeds of fennel plant and boiling them in water. It has been used as herbal medicine since ancient times in India, China and the Middle East. Fennel tea has a taste and smell similar to the licorice root.

Fennel; potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, especially rich in many substances and elements. It is also a plant rich in vitamin A and C. While making tea with leaves, seeds heal many diseases. As drying is possible, it is possible to consume all the months of the year.

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Health Benefits Of Fennel

Fennel is a very effective plant used in medicine as well as in kitchens. It contributes to a wide range of human health. If you read this article until the end of the list of plants you consumed, we are sure that you will enter the list after the article.

For patients with respiratory problems, fennel acts as a breath-taking spray and is very useful for many organs, from hair to nails. It has a very good antioxidant properties.

Besides the feature of expectorant, gas eliminator, intestinal trainer features are also available. Fennel seed is also very useful for eyes.

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Helps to kill germs in the eyes and provide sharp vision. According to a belief, snakes and some animals treat eye disorders by rubbing their eyes with fennel or seed.

It is good for all kinds of diseases caused by bacteria, a serious free radical enemy, so it provides a serious benefit to the whole body in general.

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• Strengthens The Body: It was the symbol of power and longevity in Ancient Greece. Besides, it was believed to encourage people.

They were right about that. Fennel is the biggest enemy of free radicals and viruses, which cause many diseases, especially with its very strong antioxidant properties contained in its seeds.

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The virus effectively removes free radicals and parasites from the body, allowing us to have a strong, healthy and long-lasting structure.

 Natural Antibiotic: It has the ability to prevent and treat even serious diseases because it is a very powerful antioxidant. Besides eliminating unwanted free radicals in the body, it is also effective against infection diseases that occur in the skin and the skin.

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 Beneficial To The Digestive System: This plant contains a considerable amount of dietary fibre. And the most important feature of these fibers is that they are very beneficial to the digestive system.

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This is a very important part of the body. It is also very effective against intestinal diseases. It makes it easy to lose weight by keeping the intestines working in a healthy way.

• Fights Cancer: Many health experts believe that cancer treatment during the beginning. It may be used alone or in combination with surgery to remove all or part of the cancer.

One of the most unrelenting enemies of free radicals that cause cancer is fennel, and especially fennel seeds are very strong antioxidants.

• Good For Cholesterol: With the help of rich fiber contained in fennel, it plays an important role in keeping cholesterol in a healthy level. It protects the cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and stroke.

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• Eliminate Gas: It contains many volatile components such as mirsen, phenonandan, kavichol, cineol.

These oils play a very important role in the process of gas removal in the body. They also contribute to being an effective antioxidant.

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Especially fennel seed consumption is important for red blood cells. Copper and other substances needed for red blood production are abundantly found in fennel.

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• Regulates Heart Rate And Blood Pressure: The tension that occurs in front of people during the day affects heart rate and blood pressure. It is one of the most important AIDS in this situation. With the help of rich potassium, it helps keep blood pressure and heart rate at a healthy level.

 Skin Health: This seed is especially important for skin health. Thanks to fennel seed, you can protect your skin beauty and health in a cheaper and healthier way. Iron, copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E are the basic ingredients to protect skin health.

It is very effective against inflammations and infections in the skin. Especially fennel seeds are boiled and mashed into the skin can be applied. Helps to remove acne and black spots.

It is also very effective antioxidant and eliminates the irritation and diseases that occur in the skin. When fennel is consumed, it creates a cooling sensation in the skin and eliminates the factors that cause infection.


Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea

✓ This tea has been used for medical purposes since ancient times. Fennel tea has many health benefits. The most important of these are the benefits of respiratory and stomach diseases. Apart from these, fennel tea is good for hypotension, increases mother’s milk.

Obtained after fennel seeds are crushed in the air and powdered in boiling water for 7-8 minutes. It’s okay to drink 2-3 cups a day.

✓ This tea is a useful food source for the digestive system. It prevents diseases that may occur in the stomach. At the same time fennel tea allows the intestines to work properly.

✓ It is known for its diuretic properties. It’s good for your hypertension. Fennel tea has also been scientifically proven to keep blood pressure at a healthy level.

✓ Very crying babies calm there are experts who argue

          • A teaspoon may be given to babies once a day, but be careful not to give them every day.

          •We recommend that you not give it to babies without consulting the child’s doctor.

✓ It is important to remember that the mother’s milk is not as good for the baby as the mother’s milk.

✓ It is good for respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis.

On average, 1 cup fennel tea opens the bronchitis.

✓ Shows beneficial effects on the nervous system. It has calming properties.

          •A cup fennel tea can be used to start the day well in the morning and to relieve the fatigue of the day in the evening.

✓ Also helps to lose weight. It facilitates the operation of the intestines and contributes to fat melting.

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Damages Of Fennel

x Fennel tea, fennel seed and fennel oil in terms of health, we have examined in detail the benefits of extremely effective. But besides that, it can cause damage in some special cases. Therefore, especially two products fennel seed and fennel oil consumption should be very careful.

Fennel seed and fennel oil are very effective and contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and elements. For this reason, those who use drugs for any disease, women during pregnancy should always consult their doctors before using them.

Excessive fennel seed consumption can cause skin rashes and redness. Because of the excessive use, there may be some side effects such as headache, vomiting, tremors.

Fennel seed and fennel tea consumption is definitely not recommended for epilepsy patients. The stimulant feature of these plants can cause adverse reactions.

Skin inflammation can cause skin problems such as blisters and like. Especially fennel seed is known to cause similar problems.

Fennel seed has a bad reputation for causing allergies. Most often, it reveals pre-existing allergies. Abdominal cramps can cause problems like wheezing.

x Fennel seed and oil are health experts who argue that it is beneficial for women who are in the process of breastfeeding. Because of this, mothers who are in the process of breastfeeding should definitely consume them in consultation with their doctor.

x Some experts argue that fennel seed damages DNA.

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PlantsHospital.Com Recommendations

1.) Fennel, fennel seed and fennel oil offer many health benefits. To put it more clearly, to have a strong body like steel, there are many benefits to consuming fennel regularly and correctly.

2.) It is also an advantage that the plant and its By-products are kept for a long time and that they are very easy to prepare at the same time.

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