15 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of St. John’s Wort Oil

St. John’s Wort Oil

What is A St. John’s Wort Oil?

The wide range of health benefits makes St. John’s wort oil an important factor in herbal supplement and is currently widely used worldwide. In recent years, has become extremely popular as a potential healing herbal remedy for many health problems.

Unlike other herbal treatments, most of the health benefits are scientifically verified and herbal supplements are usually prescribed by medical professionals.

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Hypericum perforatum is a small flowering plant of genus Hypericum known as scientific and grows wild in Europe, but extends to America, Russia, Asia, China and the Middle East.

It can be found in form of capsule, tincture and oil. Chemical components include bioflavonoids and a number of antioxidants that can have a significant impact on body’s hormonal, physical and chemical behavior.

Although ingredients are very valuable to human health, there are a number of side effects or complications that may arise with certain conditions or drugs along with use of St. John’s wort oil.

For this reason, consult your doctor before using products containing St. John’s wort oil.

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 What Are Uses Of St. John’s Wort Oil?

St. John’s Wort oil is obtained by resting flowers collected near ends of flowering branches of plant, fresh or dried, in jars filled with olive oil and in a place where sun is seen.

Naftodiantrons in composition of plant give red color to oil of st. john’s wort oil. This oil is widely consumed in Anatolia by applying to heal wounds without any trace and by drinking to heal stomach wounds.

The oil preference which will fulfill task of carrying active ingredients of plant to skin is an important factor determining effect of mixture.

For skin-related uses, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and other essential oils can be used instead of olive oil.

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What Are Health Benefits of St. John’s Wort Oil?

Among health benefits of this amazing St. John’s Wort oil are antidepressant qualities, skin care and many more.

1. Antidepressant Properties

Perhaps the most famous feature is antidepressant structure. It has been widely used for generations to reduce symptoms of depression and is a popular natural remedy today, often prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists to their patients.

Serotonin contains a rare antidepressant chemical combination that prevents or delays retrieval of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

2. Alleviates Anxiety

Because of helps people who complain about anxiety and mood swings, benefit goes beyond depression.

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It helps regulate body’s hormonal balance; helps for insomnia, irritability and chronic fatigue Elimination of chronic stress hormones in body; Excessive stress hormone secretion can affect various organs and may also improve overall health and cognitive functions.

3. Reduces Mood Change

Pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause: Two different sexual health periods that can be challenging in terms of mood changes.

St. John’s wort oil, is widely recommended for women in both periods because of chemical components has been shown to reduce mood changes and anxiety in menopausal women.

It also reduces severity of cramps and pre-menstrual irritation and depression.

4. Helps Get Rid of Addiction

Early symptoms show that use of St. John’s Wort oil can help alleviate the desire and deprivation after quitting smoking, alcohol, or other addictive substances. It can be very useful because of difficult get rid of addiction. However, extra research is still being carried out on this particular benefit.


5. Works as an Antiviral Agent

Recent research has recently revealed that has certain antiviral capabilities that reduce risk of AIDS, hepatitis and other serious viral diseases.

The only problem with this is that very high doses are required for this type of antiviral effect and also cause unpleasant side effects.

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6. Balances Hormones

Because we already know antidepressant effects, active ingredients also have potent effects on hormone regulation in the body.

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common thyroid disorders and has been shown to reduce symptoms of hypothyroidism and promote normal functioning of thyroid gland.

7. Works as an Anti-inflammatory Agent

The soothing nature of st. John’s wort oil and its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; Perfect for arthritis, gout, joint discomfort and muscle pain.

Just as helps alleviate inflammation in skin and intestine, St. John’s Wort oil also reduces inflammation in cardiovascular system, thereby reducing blood pressure and reducing stress on heart.

8. Helps Skin Care

If you apply st. John’s wort oil topically, stimulate blood circulation to damaged skin cells; accelerate healing process of burns, bruises and abrasions.

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9. Reduces Pregnancy Pain

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids and other tense areas of body can give a lot of pain. Although is not recommended to take orally during pregnancy, is highly recommended that topical administration of crescent oil or paste is highly recommended for women suffering from pregnancy-related problems.

10. Prevents Cancer

Cancer research recently began to think that role of St. John’s Wort oil was more likely to play. Laboratory studies have also shown that there is a definite correlation between consistent use of st. John’s wort supplements and prevention and treatment of leukemia.

Cautions and Side Effects

  1. The most common adverse effects are dizziness, nausea, tiredness and confusion.
  2. These effects are usually seen diagnosed in people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
  3. St. John’s wort and St. John’s wort oil also can be a dangerous combination with various meds.
  4. You may need to discuss your current condition with a physician before using this herb and oil.

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