10 Supberb Health Benefits Of Cloves + Nutrition Facts


Cloves are not only one of indispensable spices of kitchens, they are also used in treatment of many diseases for thousands of years.

Medicinal drugs are prepared from cloves, stems and leaves of cloves. Clove oil made from dried buds is also known for medicinal properties. The herb is used for toothache as removes smell of bad breath in general.

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In addition, indigestion, nausea, acne, such as skin problems, especially good for many ailments. The antioxidant power is high and is a very good painkiller, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It also has aphrodisiac properties.


What is Cloves?

It is always green because of is a rainy and hot climate tree. It is a plant that is unique to Asian countries such as East Africa and India.

It is also found in our country. Oil is also extracted from dried seeds. Approximately 20 percent of content consists of essential oil.

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The main chemical component of oil is eugenol, which is responsible for its strong odor. It has antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to use of medicine, especially in oral health, is used in many fields from agriculture to cosmetic sector.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cloves?

1. Protects Digestive System

Cloves improves digestion by stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes. Helps reduce bloating, gastritis, indigestion and nausea.

Also prevents formation of ulcers and gastritis. To provide relief in diseases related to digestive system, cook 1-2 cloves into powder and mix with honey to eat a spoon one or two.

2. Prevents Bacteria

Cloves are antibacterial properties against a number of diseases. Clove extracts are effective enough to kill germs. Clove extracts also prevent bacteria that release cholera.

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3. Prevents Tumor

Especially in early stages of tumor formation in lungs and to prevent lung cancer can help in controlling disease.

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4. Protects Liver

Cloves protect organs from negative effects of free radicals and contain plenty of antioxidants. In long run, metabolism increases free radical production and rate of fat in blood while reducing antioxidants in liver. The hepatoprotective effect at core of cloves protects liver.

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5. Controls Diabetes

In people with diabetes, amount of insulin produced by body that are either inadequate or never produced. Studies have shown that extracts from cloves mimic insulin in certain ways and help control blood sugar levels.

6. Strengthens and Protects Bones

Bone mineral density and bone mineral content of compounds in contents of carnations, as well as osteoporosis in the case of increased tensile strength of bones is particularly useful.

7. Prevents Mutations in Genes

Mutagens are chemicals that alter genetic structure of DNA by causing mutations. Biochemical compounds found in carnations such as phenylpropanoids have anti-mutagenic properties. Research has shown that clove can control mutagenic effects at an important rate.

8. Strengthens Immune System

Carnations are considered among plants that develop and maintain immune system in Ayurveda. It contains compounds that improve immune system by increasing number of white blood cells. Brushing a tooth dried clove daily strengthens immune system.

9. Reduces Pain and Prevents Inflammation

Clove has a slight anesthetic (narcotic) and analgesic (painkillers) euphoria. This volatile aromatic oil has been proven to reduce pain by stimulating pain receptors (receptors).

It is very effective especially in tooth, head and muscle aches. In addition, was observed that eugenol in the essence of clove extract applied to experimental guinea pigs decreased inflammation caused by edema.

To remove headache, beat a few cloves and mix into a powder, mix with water, mix with a piece of rock salt or himalaya salt. Add a glass of milk on it. This mixture quickly and effectively reduces headaches.

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10. Helps to Treat Mouth Diseases

Cloves prevent development of oral bacteria that cause various oral diseases. Kills germs in mouth. It can also be used for toothache with pain relief feature.

What Are The Other Benefits of Cloves?

  1. Increases sexual desire.
  2. Strengthens memory.
  3. It makes heart stronger.
  4. Diarrhea is good for disease.
  5. Good for mind fatigue.
  6. When used as a spice allows appetite to open.
  7. It removes bad breath odor.
  8. Accelerates metabolism and helps to weaken.

5 Great Ways to Use Cloves

  • Carnations are used as spices in desserts, jams, homemade fruit juices and composts.
  • Clove buds can be used in herbal tea.
  • It can be used in treatment of many pain including powdered teeth and toothache.
  • One-two cloves per day allows you to benefit from high content of iron, protein, phosphorus, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamins A, C.
  • Dried carnations are steam distilled to remove fat and can be widely used in many areas from health to cosmetics.


What Are The Benefits of Clove Oil?

  1. It protects the mouth and gum health. Eliminates toothache.
  2. Prevents bad breath odor.
  3. Good mouth ulcers.
  4. Tonsillitis is effective in bacterial and viral infections such as laryngitis, reflux.
  5. Relieves ear and throat pain.
  6. Relieves head and muscle pains.
  7. Good rheumatic joint pain.
  8. Reduces nausea and vomiting.
  9. Improves fungal infections.
  10. Treats bacterial and infectious skin problems such as acne, boils.
  11. Removes wrinkles.
  12. Good for respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, asthma.
  13. Improves sexual performance and prevents premature ejaculation.
  14. Increases blood circulation.
  15. Gives energy, good for mental and physical fatigue.
  16. Mosquitoes, etc. protects against insects. Treats of insect bites.
  17. Lowers intestinal parasites.
  18. Stimulates rapid growth of hair and prevents hair loss.

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What Are The Damages of Clove Oil?

The use of carnation as a spice and reasonable amount does not cause any damage. On the other hand, when a large amount of clove oil is used, a strong burning sensation may occur.

If you have never taken this medication before, is recommended that you take in small amounts and be careful when taking in children.

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