Truffle Oil: 9 Best Health Benefits & Uses, Warnings And More


What is a Truffle Oil? Where is Used?

Truffle oil, which has been recognized, consumed and known as “The Food of God and Kings” in many parts of the world since ancient times, is a very valuable food.

In fact, truffle oil was once seen as crown of king’s tables. Truffle oil from this miraculous truffle mushroom is very valuable because of adds a unique flavor to the dishes.

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While truffle mushrooms are very expensive as described above, the fact that truffle oil is not so expensive increases preference.

When truffle oil is not very difficult to obtain, is consumed together with olive oil and usage is becoming more common day by day. Sometimes truffle oil is also offered for sale as an additive to olive oil.

According to density ratio of olive oil used in the production of truffle oil, price falls and the availability increases.

Truffle oil can be used in almost all dishes as has quite a different and intense aroma, and is most recommended to be consumed raw as well.

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Truffle mushroom adds unique aroma to olive oil and provides a very valuable oil. Although truffle aroma in the truffle oil obtained is low, thanks to intense smell, is taken desired taste and enjoyment. In this respect, is sufficient to use a small amount of truffle oil in meals.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Truffle Mushroom and Truffle Oil?

Truffle oil and Mushroom; is a very valuable, high quality protein source like all other mushroom species. In fact, research on truffle mushroom has shown that this mushroom has a higher protein content than meat.

 Because of grows under soil, is rich in minerals since can be taken from all minerals contained in soil and tree roots. Therefore, protects and strengthens health of the whole body.

It is known that the aphrodisiac effect is very high. For this reason, truffle mushroom has been known for many years as a nutrient that increases sexual power and is marketed in this way.

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 Truffle mushroom and truffle oil, which can be consumed by adding to almost all foods, from meat, vegetables, pasta, rice or homemade pizza, increases nutritional properties of all dishes, increases satiety and adds flavor to flavor.

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The Other Benefits Of Truffle Oil

One of the beneficial, medicinal mushrooms, are as valuable as delicious. Truffle mushroom is a very valuable mushroom that is at least 5 centimeters below the soil, so cannot be found easily and prices is offered for sale are also very high.

Research on truffle mushroom is increasing demand for this mushroom as reveals benefits. Truffle oil, especially recently derived from truffle mushrooms, provides very different benefits.

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Truffle mushroom is a fragrant ectomycoriza genus mushroom that grows 5 – 20 centimeters deep in the soil, near tree roots, especially those of oak and chestnut trees.

Truffle oil, more commonly known in Mediterranean region, are actually a type of mushroom has been researched extensively found in many regions of the World.

Truffle mushroom, which resembles a dark stone with outer appearance, is actually like a stone with hard structure and when cooked is not watered much like other mushroom.

There have been numerous studies of benefits of truffle mushroom, and use of truffle oil from this fungus has also become widespread. Truffle mushroom, also known as” Black Diamond” is an extremely expensive and famous mushroom, as is very useful and rarely found.

There are about 70 varieties of truffle mushroom. In fact, truffle mushrooms grown in many parts of the world, the most valuable and delicious ones are produced in European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, naturally grown in the Mediterranean region. In fact, only 20 thousand people in France earn living from truffle cultivation.

The truffle mushroom, which grows underground and in tree roots just like potatoes, grows in places close to tree roots because of absorbs the roots and takes sugar and organic acids. Truffle fungus needs a delicate natural balance in development stage.

This requires torrential rains during summer season, an appropriate amount of moisture. In this context, truffle mushroom would not be able to grow in the very dry last summer, dries. Therefore, can grow in areas dominated by the Mediterranean climate.

Truffle oils are invisible from surface as grow beneath soil, and collecting these truffles requires special expertise. In places where truffle farming professionally, specially trained dogs and pigs are used to find and collect truffles, mainly because of their olfactory ability.

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How is Consumed?

It is generally the size of a large walnut and weighs 100 grams on average. Truffle mushroom has a very intense aroma and taste when fresh, but loses its aroma and water as time goes on.

Which is very valuable and expensive, needs to be consumed within 5 days of being collected. Under these circumstances would be possible to eat the tastiest and most valuable truffle mushroom.

Collected under appropriate conditions, should be stored in refrigerator, in a jar, without contact with water. Because truffle fungus causes decay contact with water.

The very valuable and expensive truffle mushroom is consumed, by grating over the omelette , often in homes. Truffle mushrooms are often used in dishes containing fat, cream, and eggs, due to the ability of oil to confine the aroma.

In addition to this, can also be consumed in different forms by cutting, salads, meat dishes, charcoal cooking or smoked. Also, some this oil is grated into the pasta, or added in the form of a few slices in restaurants or at home.

In this way, pasta becomes a very delicious and very luxurious food. And since truffle mushrooms have a very exquisite smell, also makes a lot more appealing smell of food.

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